Subletting an apartment on Airbnb by a tenant

CORPIQ recently conducted a survey among its members to find out if tenants had illegally sublet their dwelling. It turns out that nearly 5% of landlords have been confronted with situations where a tenant has illegally sublet the dwelling on a short-term accommodation platform such…

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Access to housing in the event of insalubrity

Tenants refuse access to extermination specialists Recently, a report by TVA Nouvelles presented the case of a substandard dwelling infested with cockroaches. It is important to know that an extermination service often requires the cooperation of all the tenants in a building to treat the…

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visites de logement

Access to the Dwelling by the Landlord

At this time of the year, landlords must combine the search for new tenants with visits to rent their dwellings if the tenant has announced his or her eventual departure. Thus, the landlord will conduct visits of the dwelling hoping for the tenant’s collaboration who…

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Le bail est un contrat de location

The Lease is a Rental Agreement

A lease is a rental agreement between a landlord and a tenant that defines their respective commitments regarding a dwelling. This contract begins on the date the tenant is scheduled to move in and is in most cases for a fixed term but can also…

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Conditions For the Payment of Rent

We have seen in a previous article that there are conditions surrounding the first payment of rent at the signing of the lease. In this article, we will look at the obligations surrounding the payment process throughout the lease in regard to the form of…

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