Demande de location

Did you know that the Rental Application of ProprioLocation was designed to send information directly to ProprioEnquête?

This additional and completely free service allows landlords to make sure that they have all the information they need to conduct a pre-rental screening.

You no longer need to print out application forms, scan, send back the signed document, etc. Everything is done online! You can fill out the Rental Application with your tenants or send it to them by email. With its secure electronic signature, this tool confirms that you have the applicant’s permission to complete the screening.

The Rental Application, Now Connected To the Electronic Lease

When we launched the Electronic Lease, it made sense to link it to the Rental Application to save users time and facilitate the completion of the lease. You no longer need to go through the same process over and over again! By completing the Rental Application, you will get a pre-filled out lease.

Save time by using the Rental Application, Pre-Rental Screening, and the Electronic Lease in the same platform, secure and reliable tools that will allow you to avoid unnecessary retranscription.

The ProprioLocation Dashboard

The ProprioLocation dashboard offers you a real time follow-up of your files. This overview shows you all relevant information instantly.