Electronic Lease

Last February, CORPIQ launched its Electronic Lease. This tool is the perfect solution to make you save time and is legally valid on the same basis as the paper version. CORPIQ’s Electronic Lease is recognized officially by the Tribunal administratif du logement. With its smart interface and ease of use, you will be able to complete it in just a few clicks while being guided step by step.

Essential functionalities have been added which we cannot find on the paper version. In particular: supplementary explanations drafted by professionals in the real estate management industry that will guide you in filling out each section in the lease, building rules, and an annex to the lease which are updated regularly. But perhaps the greatest advantage is probably the ability to connect the Electronic Lease with the Demande de location and ProprioEnquête services.

First of all, you can gather the electronic Demande de location with all its essential information to conduct a pre-rental screening without unnecessary intermediary. Then, with ProprioEnquête, you can verify the information of your candidate related to its financial profile, rental references, criminal record and records at the Tribunal. All the data from your candidate will be retranscribed automatically on the Electronic Lease.

Finally, validate your Electronic Lease in a blink of an eye, and add your signature with a simple click thanks to the innovative technology of Notarius. This digital signature guarantees the origin, the integrity and the authenticity of the document.

Choose the fast lane to the perfect lease!